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Hey all,

I wanted to compile some "best practices" for those that are actively gigging with their Alesis kits (or aspiring to).
PLEASE SPECIFY WHICH MODEL KIT YOU ARE USING as the subtle differences may not be so subtle on stage.. (i.e. ergo vs. stealth vs new 4 leg rack setups.)

Once there's a good list, we can cut & paste them together (like the crowdsourcing thread) for easier reading..

Have at it  ;D

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Here's some links

Gig Bags -

DM10 Case -

Essentials for the 'Ditty bag'

* #10 metric ratchet wrench
* Drum key bit and ratcheting screwdriver (kicks ass over a drum key)
* Spare instrument cables
* 2 DI boxes (most sound guys have these tho - more of a CYA)
* Spare #10 hex nuts, and drum lugs to fit them
Problems with "Premature e-chokulation" (cymbal chokes out at high volume - hear what I mean here;topic=786.0;attach=586). Go into the settings for each crash and set the decay to "off".

Couple things off the top of my head that save me time and/or frustration...

Cable Snake - I purchased some longer/better quality cables to run from the drums to the module (dm5 atm in my case). After setting up the kit at home I ran everything neatly and velcro tied the bundles. At the module end I marked the cables so they would all be the same length, cut, labeled and then re-soldered the plugs. Makes for setting up & tearing down much easier, no more cable nightmare either, just roll up the bundle.

No Memory Locks - Since my stock e-kit rack is without memory locks, I've made small reference marks with a sharpie on the cymbal rods, clamps...etc. Almost unnoticeable unless your looking for them. Again, just makes setup easier & faster, things get ball-parked in place much quicker.

Bananas - Probably more for the older guys, I'm 41 and noticed a couple years ago some fatigue would show it's ugly face at a gig once in a while. Another drummer friend explained the potassium thing to me and the miracle cure. Yep, now I have 2 bananas on my way to every gig and feel great all night. Swear by them...  ;D

Spares - Definitely even more important with an ekit. Cables, kick pedal, external triggers...etc. I have my DM6 module with me just in-case of an emergency with the DM5. When the DM10 comes, the DM5 will become the spare.

I'm sure I'll think of a couple more I do, most are pretty common though...


Awesome..  Thanks for sharing!

Never heard of bananas.. probably healthier than Red Bull too ;D

Can you give me more info on the snake (model & brand, how long, etc..).. I would love to tame then cables I have now.. that's half my setup time!

As far as spares go, I have been able to limp through a practice using a Boss FS-5U switch in place of a broken bass pad.. it ain't pretty, but sometimes the show must go on! :)


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