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Re: Dm10 module opened yesterday, No sound at all.!!!
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Hi Guys!
Sorry to resurrect the chat, but I'm having a similar problem with my DM10 module. I tried all the tips on the Forum without success.
Since yesterday my Alesis DM10 has no sound on the main output or the headphones output.
I tried the metronome and sequences demo to see if there was something I had plugged wrong but NO.
The MIDI output is normal, with EZDrummer.
I've done the update procedures a few times, but I haven't been successful either.
My power supply is AC-AC and has a voltage between 12.8v -13~ at no load output...
Has anyone here faced this problem?
Thank you very much!

Welcome to the Forum !
There is no need to post the same question(s) in multiple areas.
I don't know how long you have had the module,I presume you have the correct 9VAC 1.5A power adapter and it's functioning properly.(eratic/odd things tend to happen without the correct voltage/amperage).Most issues are related to the power supply..either a wrong one or one going bad.
If you have been using the module with no problems,the DM10 triggers are can navigate the menu's (settings/Instruments etc) and the module is interpreting/converting to MIDI.(you stated are able use external Vst/Software) then the sound OS is functioning properly.If the sound abruptly went out .. Aux,Main and Headphones.. it sounds like a component in the audio circuit may have failed or possibly the power supply is failing.
You can boot the module into a separate area for the "Test Mode" the Audio test a tone will be sent for Audio to see if working..if no tone then the module more than likely needs serviced. ...other than that there is no service manual or schematics or they would definitely be here so beware of websites claiming they have then as it is more than likely click bait.

As far as updating...
The majority of DM10 modules out there were fully updated years and years ago and in most instances do not need the update except for maybe some closet dwellers.
You can check the versions on the module.Utility button, press F4 (SYS), and then choose F3 (O/S). The screen will then show the version numbers of the current firmware on the module.
Modules shipped with the new mesh Kits after 2014 already had the OS update and there were trigger updates based on the use of the Hi Hat..either Pro-X(FSR) or Realhat(Continuous/Variable).
Once you update to the Pro-X you cannot downgrade the firmware..even if successful (lucky) there are consequences.The updating process for the DM10 is risky as the updater app itself is using very old code(XP) and the process during the updating is "erase and replace" so any interruption (especially power) during the updating process or multiple attempts can brick a module especially if you give up and power down the be aware of that.
You'll see posts for some that didn't check FW versions and attempted an unnecessary update and bricked their module.