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Triple zone, piezo/switch and nitro
« on: September 22, 2021, 11:06:12 AM »
I can’t wait. Problem solved, I order a dm10 module

Hi everyone,
I have a maxed nitro kit (double bass Drum, additionnal crash, 3 toms double zone for additionnals cymbals on rims. 2 single zone toms who share Tom 4 channel and 2 snares on my dual zone snare)

I use the awesome death and darkness pack from superior drummer 3

I recently purchase the alesis triple zone 16 inch ride with 2 jacks. I hate having my Bell ride on a rim...

I tried many connections with wires and soldering iron to send the Bell to a rim Tom Channel without success. Then after some readings I learned that it is a piezo and a switch and not dual piezos.

Is there a small box that can convert the switch and work with nitro or the only solution is to purchase a dm10 module?

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