Author Topic: Command mesh snare buggery  (Read 488 times)

Command mesh snare buggery
« on: July 08, 2021, 06:55:51 PM »
Hi, people. I'm just rediscovering this forum. Can't believe it. Tons of good stuff here.
So, I have an Alesis Nitro drum kit that I've expanded in various ways. Most substantially, I got a Command Mesh snare for it and for the first couple weeks, it worked great. Now, though, and especially in humid weather, the snare issues a kind of ugly, electronic squawk every ten hits or so. Very jarring. It's only this one pad, and it doesn't matter where on the kit I plug it in. Also doesn't matter what sound I have programmed in. Definitely doesn't seem to be module related. I've tried tightening and loosening head tension and I've opened the snare up to have a look. Everything seems to be where it's supposed to be. No dangling wires or anything. As soon as I start playing it, those nasty electronic barking sounds are back. Worse in humid weather, for sure, but it's there on cool days, as well. I wondered if anyone has seen this kind of thing or if there's anything I can try to fix it. I'm ready for Hail Mary cures at this point. Appreciate any and all suggestions. That thing is presently serving as an expensive practice pad and I'm back to the dinky Nitro snare.