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Upgrading my Alesis Turbo - what to get?
« on: March 20, 2021, 05:29:28 PM »
Hi there!

About a year ago I started my journey into drumming. Because I often start hobbies that I never really stick to I decided to get something relatively cheap to get me started and upgrade to something better later. Well it looks like I am sticking to this hobby so I think it's slowly time to upgrade. For now I am just collecting my options.

Currently I have an Alesis Turbo Mesh kit which is fine, but lacks certain things. One of the things that bothers me a lot is a lack of a proper kick drum. It only has a switch pedal for the base drum. The rack mounted snare also bothers me a bit (the slightly more expensive Alesis Nitro has a rack mounted snare as well, but has better adjustment options). The somewhat lacking sensitivity range is also a bit of a downer (basically you have to barely touch the thing to get quiet sound, but as soon as you hit it with even a bit more force you are triggering the full loudness).

I am now looking for a good upgrade. I want something that will last me a while. I certainly want an e-kit. I don't intend on going acoustic any time soon (if ever). I play as a hobby for myself so I don't see myself joining a band in the near future either. The budget is around 1k €/$ but nothing too concrete yet so I could be persuaded to go a bit higher.

I was looking mostly into the Alesis stuff since they seem to have the most bang per buck - so something like Alesis Command, Alesis Crimson II SE or Alesis DM10 MKII Pro (which is a bit above the price range - but I would be willing to go for it if it's worth the money). Roland TD-07KV is also one of the ones that I looked at. Although currently I think I have either the Simmons SD1200 or Alesis Crimson II SE on the most likely candidates list.

What would you guys recommend?

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Re: Upgrading my Alesis Turbo - what to get?
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Hi roli, I don't have any experience with anything other than the DM10X kit, but my first crappy ekit also had the snare on that tiny swivel bar off the rack. You can certainly put your snare on a stand if you want, my DM10X's snare was just a 12" pad on an Alesis stand (not a heavy duty one for sure, but it doesn't have to support a large shell). Then you can use that short part to put the module on if you like. Just my two cents (two sticks worth?? lol). Enjoy, drumming is so much fun
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Re: Upgrading my Alesis Turbo - what to get?
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2021, 12:54:42 AM »
I purchased the DM10 MKII Pro 3 weeks ago & like it alot.  I am having one issue as the crash 2 volume is really low so am looking into fixing that.  I purchased the Alesis Surge a week earlier & returned it for this one as I did not like the small pads & wanted another crash.

Re: Upgrading my Alesis Turbo - what to get?
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2021, 03:45:26 PM »
In the end I relented and went with what everyone has been recommending on the internet - Roland TD-17KVX. Double the initial budget, but oh well. I haven't actually tried playing it yet because I've been assembling the damned rack. I must say that the Alesis for 300€ has a better rack than this. At least the Alesis one doesn't wobble all the time or stand at some weird angle. Took me like 4 hours to get it more or less straight and level.