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Ef-note Ekit
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Review from Peter Warren: I tried the Efnote today. It sounds nice and plays smooth. The sounds are nice and crisp but almost identical to the AD5 type of stereo mix. There is a reverb built in and EQ per drum. The big downfall is no future sounds can be added.I always do 16th notes on the closed hi hat and the sample pool sounds exactly the same as the ad5. Pretty good but I can hear them repeating.

This is replica of ATV and have the same vision but far more advanced module, the acoustic set is supposed to be  $2200, lower 1500$


Drum Pads
• 12x4” Snare Drum with Side-Rim
• 10x3.5”Tom 1/2
• 12x4”Tom 3
• 8x3” Kick Drum
• MONOCOQUE shell Design
• Flat Sensing by Multi-Sensor
• Suspended Tom Holder
• Two-Layer Mesh Drum Head
• Durable Fabric Kick Head

Pedal & Stands
• Hi-Hat Pedal with Tru-Motion Technology
• Optical Sensing & Inertia Weight Simulation
• Flexible Setup and Great Stability by New Tripod Stands

• 16” Ride Cymbal
• 14” Crash Cymbal (2x)
• 12” Hi-Hat Cymbal• 360° Multi-Sensor & 3-Zone
• Fine Sculptures on Thin Surface

• Full-Scale Vintage Acoustic Drum Sounds
• Tru-Aco Sound Technology for Wide Dynamic Range and Natural Sounding
• Hi-End DAC & High Grade Electronic Components

• ELISE Sensing Processor for Capturing Player’s Intention
• High Speed Sensing and Sounding
• Tuning/Muffling/EQ
• Sound Layer Function
• Set List Function
• Stroke Analyzer
• Touch-Screen Interface

• Multi-Track Recording with 8-ch USB Audio Output
• 3rd Crash Cymbal and 4th Tom Support
• Bluetooth Audio Input• 5-Pin MIDI Output
• Flexible I/O Routing with GUI

Drum Kits / Instruments
10 Preset Kits + 40 User Kits
Acoustic Drum/Cymbal/Percussion Sound

Main Features
Tru-Aco Stereo Sampled Sounds
Tuning/Muffling/EQ for Each Pad
Sound Layer Function by “Virtual Pad”
Quick Pad Level Adjustment by Mixing Window
Multi-Track USB Audio Recording for Mac/PC (ASIO)
Multi-Track MIDI Recording
Flexible I/O Routing with GUI
Supports Individual Click Output
Supports Individual Line Output for Snare and Kick
Set List Function for Live Performance
Various Training & Analyzing Functions
Recorder Function
Metronome with On-Board Speaker

Drum Interface
3-Zone: Snare, Ride, Crash 1/2*
2-Zone: Tom 1/2/3/4, Hi-Hat, Crash 3
1-Zone: Kick* Crash 1/2 support 3-zone with using Crash 3/Tom 4 cables.

Kick pedal and drum throne sold separately.* Specifications and photos shown are prototypes and actual products may vary.* Some of technologies and designs are under patent pending.
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