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SampleTank-4 demo at NAMM
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:48:57 AM »
In a recent demo of SampleTank-4 by Jordan Rudess there was mention of sampled drum sounds available for Neil Peart's kit.
For more info check out these links:
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Re: SampleTank-4 demo at NAMM
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That Jordan Rudess demo (NAMM 2019) was cool!

Turns out that the Neil Peart Drums was made for SampleTank 3 - all of which is included with SampleTank 4. from what it sounds like.

Here's the Neil Peart Drums Promo from IK Multimedia themselves:
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Re: SampleTank-4 demo at NAMM
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I was introduced to IK Multimedia before ever getting 'stuck-in' on the whole realm of playing e-drums. I was simply (and blindly) shopping around for idea on making my own soundtracks for movies I'm endeavoring to create.

So I ended up grabbing the original (now there's a newer one) 5.1 surround Miroslav Philharmonik, which is absolutely incredible. I ended up grabbing Magix MusicMaker Premium, back when it wasn't free, along with a bunch of Sound Pools. Not the best way to go about getting into DAWs, to be sure... but it did give me some fun in just putting together all manner of loops to create songs. But that's not really want I want as my end goal.

So now that I have my Alesis kit, my mind starts to evolve around the idea of using my kit as the controller of a DAW to orchestrate these sounds. That, my friend, would be a blast!

Anyway, yeah... I'll be looking into this whole SampleTank thing. I'm not in a huge hurry to be doing this stuff, but I do want to get there eventually ;)
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