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Issue with my new Strike Pro SE


On Friday, I received my Strike Pro SE almost 3 month wait.

The outer shipping carton is huge (weighs over 100 pounds) and there are a whole bunch of boxes inside.  As I worked my way through the various boxes, I got to a box at the bottom and saw that the tape seal had been cut the full length of the box.  The box contains the rack tubes and the cymbal/tom clamps. There were only 5 clamps in the box (should have been 9).  I have to believe the box was opened at the factory and 4 clamps were removed for some reason.  Everything else appears to be complete.  But, I cannot mount the toms and cymbals on the rack.

I left a message for my Sweetwater sales engineer about the issue and then decided to contact Alesis.  I have had previous email exchanges with an Alesis support person so I sent him an email about the problem. His first suggestion was to ship the ENTIRE kit back to Sweetwater.  And, then he had audacity to say that I should then buy the kit from a more reliable retailer like Guitar Center. >:(

I told him I was not sending the entire kit back.  But, he insisted that Sweetwater needs to address the problem. I told him it was an Alesis issue and that I expected Alesis to ship me 4 clamps.  He still says Sweetwater needs to remedy the situation.

I cc'ed my Sweetwater sales engineer on all my correspondence with Alesis. 

Maybe I should have bought a Roland or efnote kit. ::)

What is the point of this post?

Because this is a "he said/she said" situation between Sweetwater AND Alesis.

Was your kit new or refurbished/used? If it is the latter, then indeed it falls on the responsibilty of the store to provide the missing hardware, assuming that it was detailed on the store page to begin with.

But usually in these type of scenarios, it is the store's responsibility to check their inventory and see if all the pieces were indeed part of the order.

This could happen with ANY brand. I had something happening previously with 2Box, where I purchased a set of 5 side-mounted triggers and the store only sent me four. I HAD to sort things with the store, as per 2Box advice, returned the triggers and never looked back.

So Alesis response isn't that weird at all. The responsibility falls upon who has sold you the kit, not the brand.


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