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Alesis Strata Prime Electronic Drum Kit, New Alesis Flagship!

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Alesis Strata Prime Electronic Drum Kit

The Strata Prime kit is a huge leap forward for Alesis drums. It boasts the best module, cymbals, and drums they have made to date. You get a state of the art drum module with a large color touch screen, 360 degree triggering cymbals, a hi hat which features a magnetic open/close sensor, and updated pads and rack system to round it out.

The module is brand new and replaces the Strike Pro module. It has a 10.1" color touch screen, includes the BFD drum sample library of 40GB. The module has a whopping 128GB of internal storage. The samples are multilayer to the extreme with 200,000 samples to create the 75 included user kits.

The new cymbals are 360 degree triggering and the 14 inch hi hat is completely redesigned to give a very realistic open close hi hat experience. It comes with two 16 inch crashes and an 18" ride.

The drums are all dual trigger and feature quiet mesh heads. The 20" kick is the same kick drum from the Strike Pro SE kit. A sturdy rack support all the toms and cymbals. The snare drum uses a snare stand which is included. The toms are 8, 10, 12, 14 inches.

What's included:

    Strata Prime Drum Module
    14 hi hat with magnetic open/close mechanism and 360 degree triggering
    2 x 360 degree triggering 16" Crash Cymbals
    18" ride cymbal with 360 degree triggering
    14" Snare Drum with rimshot and cross-sticking
    8, 10, 12, 14 inch rack mounted toms with mounts included
    20" kick drum with red sparkle finish
    All drums come with mesh heads
    4 Post heavy duty rack system
    Snare Stand
    1 Year Warranty

Hi Hat Stand and Kick Pedal are not included but we sell them if you need them. You will also need headphones, a drum throne, and sticks.

Wow! @ChrisK, I assume is this info is from before it was taken down?

It's very interesting that Alesis went to a more electronic looking kit and pulled back from the acoustic look of the Strike. I like it. I'm not big on the gold hardware. I think the gold is kind of faddish.

Update: I was able to verify that this info is from Using a simple Google search you can find these images:

This is pretty exciting news!

My thoughts copied from vdrums:

 I wonder how much will be backwards compatible with the strike.

Things like rimshot, cross stick, new hi hat.

I really love my strike with lemon cymbals, so I don't want to have to change stuff out - hoping for module only.

It's also interesting to see Estepario in one picture. I wonder how involved he has been or if he's just going to have one video promotion, get a paycheck and never be seen with it again.

Also, are we going to run into any weird stuff like 200mb per kit?

Price to performance looks great compared to the rest of the market - but at $3500 I certainly am out for the full kit. Everything has got so expensive in the last few years.

The drum module itself looks to be called "PRIME DRUM MODULE". It's a little hard to make out but it's there (must be logged in to see image).

I've been looking over the drum pads (via the known pictures) and these appear to be slightly different from the Strike.

They do not include the control knob that is on the pads from the Strike. Not a big deal, as I doubt most people didn't really use them anyway. However that may (or may not) suggest a different internal design. I do like the recessed input jacks on the bottom of the pads as it should make for a much cleaner look with cable management.

The pads on the Strata Prime look more electronic than acoustic and seem to be more standardized (IMO that's a good thing). I say this because even the snare (pictured in a stand) still has an L-rod mount.

These pads should be a little quieter then the strike pads mainly because the bottom of the pads have vent holes.

I'm guessing most of the $3500.00 price tag is in the module, because these pads look to be a cost reduced version of the Strike pads. I wonder if Alesis will release a Pro version at some point with more upgrades?

As to the module being sold by itself, I would guess that wouldn't happen until sometime after the launch of the Strata Prime kit. This seems to be how edrum companies do things these days. I would be really shocked if the module is sold separately at the same time as the launch of the new kit. That rarely happens.


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