Author Topic: DM10 + Krimh Drums on Kontakt (hi-hat stuff)  (Read 573 times)

DM10 + Krimh Drums on Kontakt (hi-hat stuff)
« on: January 05, 2024, 10:37:56 AM »
Hi guys, first post.
I recently got me a good old DM10 with the mesh heads, and also the Krimh Drums library on Kontakt, which is perfect for a metal guy who likes a big kit, I'm planning to expand the kit in the future.
Anyway, anybody else trying out this combination?

I'm having some serious issues with the hi-hat, basically random velocities. Obviously the DM10 hi-hat pad is single zone, I've got the open/close working, pedal work fine, that's all good, but I can't seem to get the dynamics working at all. Either it's very random on a normal velocity curve, or it's consistent but just full on with a logarithmic curve, which sucks for me since I still have my funky and proggy side, and I like my hi-hat dynamics.

I've been messing around with it for a couple weeks, and I'm not happy. I'm kinda getting something similar with the velocity randomness with the crashes as well. Snare, toms, and bass drum work pretty good, ride/ride bell are pretty ok.

So, is anybody else dealing with anything similar, or does anyone more experienced with e-drums have any clue?
I studied music technology for a year at the Conservatory of Tampere 15 years ago (greetings from Finland), plenty of experience with midi and I used to be a recording engineer for a living, and I'm surprisingly baffled by this. I'm thinking of getting a Roland TD-9 in the future, and expanding that with the DM10 as a slave module.

Thank you if anyone cares :D