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BFD Drums BFD Player
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BFDDrums BFD Player

I have used BFD for over 20 years and currently active in the BFD Forum.
I am also one of the very few using/supporting e-drums.
I have a lot of experience with BFD3 including modifying Instrument files..organization..presets..macros..trouble shooting etc etc and have re-organized the current Database and have created my own Expansions/libraries.
I checked the BFD Player Core Library and the samples are the same compression as BFD3..I noticed Instruments have BFD2 info.The Hi Hat has samples for the recently upgraded Hi Hat engine which goes into 1/8 and currently only available in the Dark Farm Expansion.
The Core Library is basically a smaller version of the DW Collectors Kit from the Dark Farm BFD3 Expansion.

There isn't a proper installation page as of yet..and currently No BFD Player Category in the BFD Forum.
The current BFD Player install instructions in the InMusic/BFDDrums support section are for the BFD Player (Serial Numbered) which came with the Newer Alesis Kits and required serial number registration..then downloading..then installing..then authorizing with the License Manager.
This is going to cause a lot of confusion...

Follow the instructions below and you'll be up and running with minimal time and effort.

You are going to need an inMusic can also create at the InMusic Store.

Create InMusic Profile

Setup Audio

If you don't have an audio interface.There is support for Windows Audio or you can install ASIO4ALL.or if advanced user look into FlexASIO.
FlexASIO is a flexible universal ASIO driver which doesn't have the "exclusive" limit.
I created a detailed Post Here.

Download/Install BFD Player

Once installed you will need to be online as upon initial startup you will see a Sign In Prompt which will take you to the InMusic Profile Login.
After the BFD Player is checked/registered etc in your profile you do not need to be online and it will start without the Sign In Prompt.
InMusic has implemented a 90 day Licensing Model..after 90 days you will need to be online for a Serial Number check.

Setup the Audio/MIDI

The Audio/Midi setup Icon is lower left.

To the right of "Preset" is a small box that opens the Menu..there you can scale the GUI and under the Engine parameters select the Keymap,perspective (Drummer or Audience) and profile based on your machine.

Click on the Expansion in the left column and the Preset drop down Menu will show.
There is a Play Icon to the left of each Preset to Audition


Drum Icon = Kit View

Mixer Icon = Mixer View

Folder Icon = Grooves

Plus/+ Icon (Lower Left) = Expansion Browser

Exclamation Icon (Lower Left) = MIDI Panic

BFD Player | Tutorials

Eventually there will be a BFD Player category at the BFD Drums site.The BFD Player Tutorials is currently a blank/empty page..
Any issues..keymaps are wrong etc etc..or just share your Kits/Presets here.
I see some of the keymaps don't include my suggestions which I offered a year ago in my 1st post and was the main reason I joined the "New" BFD Forum.
I should also Note..The Core Library and the 2 available expansions are 5pc..(3 Toms) and are not cannot add kit pieces.
The majority of e-drum kits..including entry level have 4 toms or 6pc as the modules have the option to add a tom/cymbal which is the 1st thing users do...most e-drummers want more drums...not less.

BFD Player is a very basic player and other than some routing options in the mixer there is no editing of any type other than the 4 Macros at the top for some fine tuning of the overall Kit... basically WYSIWYG.
MIDI is limited to the keymaps available (which cannot be edited) ..nothing else..users will need to be familiar with the modules MIDI abilities to dial in
according to playing style.
Maybe in the future there will be the ability to create/edit presets in BFD4 and export.
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Re: BFD Drums BFD Player
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The BFD Player Category Support page is now up in Forum.

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Re: BFD Drums BFD Player
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For anyone that is running Linux, to have BFD Player running you need the following:

Install Wine Staging and Winetricks.

On Winetricks, download and install corefonts (or allfonts, if you have the time to wait)

Then on Wine, setup DXVK to actually render the UI:

Make sure that your computer is running Pipewire with Jack, and you are up to speed.

If you want to run it on a DAW, Linux currently has the following DAW's: Reaper, Bitwig, Ardour and Presonus Studio One 6.5 (though still in beta).

To run windows plugins natively on Linux you will need Yabridge:

Your mileage may vary, depending on your distro. I am on Arch, but if you want to have a Linux machine completely ready for recording and sound mixing, Brendan Ingram has some great scripts that aids the users (both newcomers and saavy users alike) to setup their machine in a matter of minutes:

For OpenSUSE users, you have GeekOS DAW, where you do the setup above with only a couple of clicks:

In any case, if you have any further doubts, please feel free to ask away. At the moment Linux is on a great spot for music production, and given that I used both Windows and Mac for years to do some Sound Engineering related work, Linux is now on par with Mac, even though some additional steps may be require to set up the machine accordingly (all depends on it's hardware, to be honest).
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Megadrum 32 inputs with positional sensing add-on.

Cone centered DIY triggers in snare and toms.

8" racktom
10" racktom
12" racktom
14" floortom

Roland VH13
Lemon Cymbals

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Re: BFD Drums BFD Player
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I have corrected the Key Map for the Crimson II.
The Toms will now work and a working Variable Hi Hat using the Modules Factory default Settings.

In order to keep all original files intact the file is named Alesis Crimson II 2.
Place into the maps folder.

In Windows
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFDPlayer\System\Maps.

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Re: BFD Drums BFD Player
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Here is the map for the Alesis DM10 MKII Pro

In Windows
C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFDPlayer\System\Maps.

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Re: BFD Drums BFD Player
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V1.2 Update


BFD Player 1.2 introduces our new drum-track feature.
With this you can sequence grooves directly within the plugin, without needing to drag grooves out to your DAW.
It also introduces an quick routing function in the mixer.


Drum-Track support:
Drag & drop grooves from the groove browser directly to the drum-track.
Set the time signature and BPM for the drum-track.
Set a loop region within the drum-track.

Notable Omissions:
No keyboard shortcut support right now.
Limited right-click options available on a groove for the time being.
Mono buses 9-16 are not available in ProTools and in Logic.
Logic offers 12xStereo + 12xMono and 24xStereo plugin configurations which are invalid and which won't load.
You cannot extend the edges of a groove in the drum-track to loop/duplicate a section of groove.
User presets do not save grooves inside of them.
In future we will introduce a new "song" preset format, which will store all of the drum-track information for you.

8 NEW Expansions










Added Links
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