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A Superior Electronic Drumming Experience

Drummers know that mesh drum heads offer the most natural feeling playing experience on an electronic kit. The Command Mesh Special Edition features large pads with tightly woven mesh drum heads for maximum playability. The 10" snare and 8" tom pads are all dual-zone, which means you get two different sounds per pad , one sound on the mesh head and another on the rim. You can use this to perform rim-shots or to program additional percussion sounds around the kit which can enhance your performances. The 8" mesh kick drum pad is built to last, with a large surface area that works great with the included kick pedal but also easily fits a double pedal if that's your style. For cymbals there's a 10" crash with choke, a 10" ride with choke, and a 10" hi-hat that includes an expressive foot control pedal.

60 FREE Lessons and 14-day Premium Subscription to Melodics

Alesis and Melodics have teamed up to bring Alesis customers 14 days of free drum lessons when you register your Alesis drum kit. Play your way up to rhythmical mastery with Melodics, an active, modern song-based learning approach that starts by jamming with and learning from legendary grooves.

FREE Premium Sound Pack & BFD Player Software

Connect your drum kit to a PC or Mac via USB and unlock an expanding library of add-on premium drum kits with BFD Player.
Featuring meticulously recorded drum sounds that are great for practice or recording into your favorite DAW, BFD Player is a plugin and standalone software instrument that delivers top-notch drum sounds with a simple-to-use interface.

Alesis Drums | Connecting Your Alesis Kit to BFD3 and Setting Defaults

Added BFD Player Software Link..coming early 2023.
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