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There is a lot of new users to edrums trying to figure out how to set Xtalk (crosstalk) settings on their DM10 modules. I would like this topic to be techniques on how to get the best xtalk results out of your Alesis DM10. Please feel free to share your techniques for adjusting xtalk on your kit. I will start with this:

I would first start with a module reset. See page 2 "RESETTING THE MODULE TO FACTORY DEFAULTS" From there I would upload the latest firmware from Alesis in to your DM10 module. If that doesn't get you where you want to be, you will need to adjust settings by hand.

To start, make sure you have your cross talk settings on all triggers set to zero. Adjusting nothing but Threshold settings, go through each trigger adjusting the threshold up as far as you can live with. You will still hear cross talk between triggers, but you should notice that is has been diminished.

Next we want to focus on ZoneTalk settings. This is the cross talk between adjacent zone (or the two zones in one input). This setting only works for adjacent zone (i.e. Tom#1 head & Tom#1 Rim). Only focus on one dual zone trigger at a time here. If you hit the head (or rim) of a trigger and you hear cross talk to the rim (or head) of the same trigger, raise the value up as little as possible to eliminate most (may not be 100% yet) of the cross talk. Never raise it past 4 or 5. At this point you should have 80-90% of the cross talk between adjacent zone resolved. Do this for each dual zone trigger.

Now we can go in and adjust the Xtalk Send and Receive at each trigger. Again, use these settings very sparingly. You should never go above a setting of 4 or 5. Anymore than that will cause drop out issues. This portions is a little bit of trial and error. You can try adjusting the Xtalk receive first on all the trigger you hear as cross talk, but make sure you are on that trigger. Meaning, if you hit tom#1 and hear a crash sound. Go to the crash trigger settings and adjust the xtalk receive from there. Again, don't go past xtalk settings of 4 or 5. If you are at 5 and still get a little cross talk, then go and adjust the xtalk send for the trigger that you are hitting. Meaning if you hit Tom#1 and the crash sounds just a little adjust the xtalk send of Tom#1. At this point your cross talk should be 95% or more gone. If you are still getting cross talk at this point, you should start looking at other options such as a snare stand and a stand for your hi-hat. Maybe even stuffing your rack tubes with foam.

Remember the sticks you use and how hard you play can effect your crosstalk. I would never play edrums with any stick larger then a 5A. I hope that helps.

Good idea Hell,

Here's my set up.

Kit: 2011 dm10 studio
Conversion: Roland mesh heads via axlmonkey way without cutting
Environment: 1/2" carpet on marmorette/concrete floor

Settings: 4 on Xtalk receive, 0-1 on Xtalk send
Threshhold: 10-15
Retrigger: factory default
Zone: factory default

I set mine to 7 on the floor toms to stop them from picking up a crash and haven't had any problem with it since. A setting of 5 didn't stop the bleed thru. Even a tiny bit at 6.

I recommend that you not set them at 7, but go back to 4, 5 or 6, and then reduce the sensitivity on them all.  That should be better.

Just my .02

Hi Guys,

I am new on this forum and literally just registered just so I could say thank you to Hellfire for this post.

I have had the DM10 studio since Friday and have been banging my head against the proverbial bass wall since then because of cross talk.
No more - I wouldn't have thought that simply raising the threshold levels could yield such results!  Amazing!
After tweaking threshold and also setting a couple of xtalk receive and sends my kit is now crosstalk free and registers every hit!
It only took me about 40 minutes too which is, frankly, amazing.

Maybe someone should poll Alesis to change the default settings because I nearly didn't buy this kit because of the reported problems.  Then I regretted buying the kit because of my actual problems and now, finally, I am a happy bunny with no problems :)

So, thank you, once again, to Hellfire and also to DMDrummer for helping me out!  If there is a list anywhere of threads that people should read as a new owner, this should be on it!


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