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Geodrum GH7 Hi Hat Controller
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So we all know that hi-hats are arguably the worst part of electronic drum with the myriad of sounds and techniques drummers use for various sounds. However I have room mates which are the downfall of acoustic drums so here we are. I have an alesis Dm 10 and I am all around happy with it, except the hi hat/controller. So I bought a geodrum gh7 hi hat controller, because I heard the alesis pro x is garbage, and I wanted a real hi hat stand. The geodrum gh7 is great, but there is a delay of about ~0.5s from when I open the hi hat to when it makes an open sound. Anyone use the geodrum hi hat controller with an alesis module? or have a solution for the closed/open delay?  Maybe I should just use the alesis pro X? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Re: Geodrum GH7 Hi Hat Controller
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I use the Goedrum controller with stock Alesis HH onto a Strike. I've got no delay issue at all. Which module do you use?

Re: Geodrum GH7 Hi Hat Controller
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Iíve got one on my dm10, canít say Iíve noticed any issue