Author Topic: Snare on DM10X Mesh - Paper torn under mesh  (Read 815 times)

Snare on DM10X Mesh - Paper torn under mesh
« on: February 06, 2019, 08:48:40 PM »
1st time adjusting my new to me DM10X.  Took the mesh head off the snare and discovered that the paper is torn.  Is this a big deal or an easy fix?  <-- picture of torn snare paper
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Re: Snare on DM10X Mesh - Paper torn under mesh
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hi Big Texan, nice to have you on board, by the way!

I personally don't think it matters that much, unless you're getting a noticeable buzz from the ripped area as you beat the snare, it's only there to dampen it a bit if I recall. I have a feeling I took mine out when I did the mesh conversion on some of my heads. If it bothered you, usually those paper rings are just slightly glued at a few points so they come out easily.. you can tape it, or replace it (or cut your own out of a similar paper like the type you get at craft stores for kids to colour on). Heck, you could probably even just trim that inside area a couple inches to get rid of the rip and it'll still do whatever job it's meant for.
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