Author Topic: Xpro hihat and alesis surge module  (Read 1289 times)

Xpro hihat and alesis surge module
« on: March 10, 2019, 11:33:44 AM »
Good day!

Just want to ask your expert opinion if there is a way I can use an xpro hihat to may alesis surge drum module? I have read that it will work only on dm10 and dm8 modules, but i have seen some videos connecting it to crimson and forge kits. Will there be a way I can also use it with the surge module?

If itís compatible, I might be able to use the existing hihat as an extra crash too.

Thank you!

Re: Xpro hihat and alesis surge module
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I think iíd Have to say donít bother. I bought a used dm10 that had the pro x hats with it. The pro x top hat is like playing on a dustbin lid and so noisy. I got a better pad which was acoustically quieter and modified the sensor and bottom hat so the alinement was spot on, but it was still really bad for any half open control. Iíve put a goedrum controller on it with the original 12Ē hat and itís like night and day. I modified the plastic cup and ground it away so the controller fits snugly over it and you need to use the felt washer it comes with otherwise the output sockets touch the controller in the closed position, but thatís it, plug it in, do a calibration (usually around 40 for open and 0 for closed. Spine 4 for the pedal curve seems to give the most half open range.

And itís half the price 😎😎😎

Hope that helps