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Pintech ride cymbal
« on: January 04, 2017, 05:07:00 PM »
Anyone have any experience with Pintech PC cymbals?  I just got a new Pintech PC 18" dual zone ride and its been nothing but problems so far.  I am getting really bad ghost notes and double/triple triggering with it.  its alright if lightly hitting close to the bell, but if striking harder or closer to the edge it starts having really bad ghost notes.  sometimes as bad as 3 or 4 triggers with one hit. I've been messing with the settings on the DM10 and nothing seems to help even with retrigger and threshold nearly maxed out.  is this a defective trigger issue or is there something else I can try.

on a separate issue with the same cymbal, anyone have any ideas for dampening the acoustic noise of this cymbal?  its a lot boomier than the stock alesis cymbals, i think because its such a large hard plastic cymbal, would coating it with a thin foam or felt help?