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Learning to play at 65
« on: December 24, 2016, 03:11:04 AM »
This is true, 3 years ago I started learning how to play on drums.  Tried acoustic kits a few times...lovely!  But I am being taught on some sort of Roland edrums...dey is nice but cost a lota.  I have a used Alesis DM10 Kit and love playing on it.
No problems with this kit whatsover....but do like mesh heads. So, without further a do do...I have ordered some of dem.
Am trying to form a band of old guys, already have a bass tutor and I are on the look out for a second hand acoustic kit
Just thought I would say hello to fellow Alesis drummers  :D :D ;)

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Re: Learning to play at 65
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Welcome from another senior member and you'll find plenty of useful info here to improve your DM10.

If you're interested I've been tweaking the tom sets & snares in most of my revised kits and there's more info about them at:
(Just use the most recent DM10 Allmemory.syx file available via Dropbox).
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