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Velocity Bell, DM10, 3 Zone Ride
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Velocity Bell, DM10 3 Zone Ride 
Forgive me if this is already cover else ware, but I couldn’t find anything for the life of me when trying to figure this out….

I couldn’t stand the Switch Bell in the 3 Zone ride, so my initial plan was to build a trigger, split off of Perc 4 and assign it a Bell sound from the library (the other half of my Perc 4 is assigned to a Rim Click).  To my dismay, there are no Bell sounds available.  It appears that the Bell sounds are embedded in the Various Ride sound options.

So the next idea was to incorporate the external trigger I made with the wiring from the existing 3 Zone Ride.  Without going into all the details of how I figured this out, here is the solution:

I isolated the Bell trigger to the Ride 1 wire.  Remove the Ride 1 wire from the ride and replace with a TRS adapter (or plug like the ones in the crash cymbals).  This will allow the ride cymbal to retain the bow, rim and choke features.

The Bell is triggered via the tip and ring of the Ride 1 TRS plug (rather than tip/sleeve or ring/sleeve like you might expect).  Rewire the female jack of your trigger accordingly.  Set your Ride Bell from switch to Piezo.  Plug the Ride 1 wire into your trigger and it will now give you the Bell with velocity.

(My Bell Trigger was made by cutting down a cheap $12 splash and attaching a $3 Piezo Trigger (both from Ebay) and gluing on some foam to the bottom.)
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Re: Velocity Bell, DM10, 3 Zone Ride
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Cool idea! Easy too.

Don't know if it helps but you might want to have a look at this:

Alesis DM10, DM8 Velocity Switch Zone Triggering

I'm not sure how well it would work with the bell switch but if it does you would have a much cleaner look to your ride cymbal.  ;)
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